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Becky was a 40-year-old woman who was in very good shape. She was a very elegant woman with a toned and sexy body that every man wanted. But Becky did not have an eye for men. She rather found the female form attractive. This love for women is what drove Becky to her job. Becky is a lesbian slut who sells her body to the highest bidder. She loves to perform sex for money and since she lives in a part of the world that prostitution is legal, she has nothing to worry about.


Not only does Becky love being a lesbian slut but she makes a very good living doing so. Her clients pay her very well and she charges them 300 dollars an hour. Each and every day of the week including the weekend Becky is booked. Wokingham escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/debden-escorts said that women from all walks of life come to her for wild and fun times. She has her favorite clients that lavish her with not only cash but trips around the world. Becky has been all over the globe with her lady lovers and she loves the lifestyle! She has been to dozens of countries some of them very exotic. Not many people can say that.


Last year Becky earned more than 400,000 dollars being a lesbian slut and she has some of the finest cloths and jewels that money can buy. But Becky does not do this job just for the money. She simply loves to be with a beautiful woman and to dominate them. Becky rules in the bedroom and she puts her clients in their place. This is one reason why they keep coming back again and again. They love for Becky to be in charge and many of them love to be tied up and pleasured by her.


Becky often pleasures more than one client at a time and there are orgies that take place inside of her home. These parties are hot and steamy and happen on the weekends. Sometimes there are as many as 10 women at these parties and Becky attends to each one of them. During these weekends Becky makes thousands of dollars and her clients are super excited to keep coming back again and again! Now that Becky is getting older her clients feel she is getting better with time. She has vast knowledge about lesbian sex and she knows how to please!



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