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In place of New York, I lived and been here for all of my life. My parents raised me in the small village of New York. We are not a wealthy family and just renting a house. The house was small, but the costs were so massive for us. Both of my parents have not finished college, and that is why they don’t have a stable job. My parents always prioritize us despite our situation. They tried to send us to school and give us a good life. I admired my parent’s dedication to us, and maybe I dream out of inspiration with them. Every time I feel tired to study I look up to them and realized that I have to work hard for our future. My parents always smile in front of everyone, but looking into their eyes were so sad and lonely. Sometimes I heard that they got scolded by the owner of the house because of late payment, or either threatened us to move out.

Sometimes we experienced being cut off of electricity due to late payment, and it was hard especially when your neighbors talk behind your back. I can see how our neighbors backbite our family, but my mom never fights them back. She always told me that we should not fight over nonsense people and do our best and prove to them that someday we can make it. I am so happy that I have parents like them, my motivation and my hero in life. One of my dreams is to give my family a comfortable life, I want them to experience a great life and stop them from working. I do not want to see them working for all of their life, and it is tough to see in my part that even when they are old, they still earn money.

I never had any girlfriend or enter a relationship. I have set priorities, and for me, the relationship can ruin my focus in life. I want to build my future first and give my family a good life before I enter love. I know some people whose lives are destroyed or dreams because of too much love. One of my neighbors almost graduate in college, I think one year to go for her to graduate but then she was impregnated by her boyfriend, and all her dreams were gone, and even her family was disappointed and devastated. I don’t want to have another responsibility for now. And thanked God that I finally achieve my dreams after so many years of struggles. I have a business and book a Bromley escort to join with me on my first anniversary as a CEO. She was gorgeous and intelligent. Bromley escorts are my favorite to book

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