Illegal fire arms and other weapons such as knives still plague London

In recent years, London seems to have developed its own gun culture. Once the British capital was one of the safest cities to live, but that has changed in recent years. Immigration to the UK is one of the problems that has fuelled the crisis. Have I ever felt frightened? There have been a couple of times when I have been out on London escorts dates from or come off my London escorts shift when I have felt a little bit scared. When I lived in London as a young girl, I was never worried about going out late at night or walking home from school when it was slightly dark during the winter time. But now I feel that things are very different. I normally finish my London escorts shift pretty late, and when I get out of the taxi, I am always looking around me. Not only that, even when I am on the Tube I look around me. Sadly many other London escorts say that they do the same thing. It is not only London escorts who feel threaten. Unfortunately, this crime spree affects all of us. I often think it is a result of youth culture that has gone wrong. Most of the time it is younger people who end up stabbed or shot. What about drugs? I am sure that drugs play a role. Personally, I know that none of the girls at our London escorts agency take drugs, but there are those girls and boys who are involved in crime and especially drugs. I always urge young people that I know to stay away from gangs. There are better things that you can do with your life. I remember when I was a little girl that there was a weapons amnesty. People could hand in all sorts of weapons. I am sure that London in particular could benefit from another arm’s amnesty. In the years after the amnesty, there was certainly a lot less violent crime in London and elsewhere. But, the problem is so widespread now that I think that is not the only solution, We really need to do more than that to make London safe again. One of the things that we must do, is to find out where all of these weapons are coming from. I know some Polish London escorts who say that they think a lot of weapons are smuggled in from the old eastern block. Countries such as Bulgaria and Hungary are apparently packed with guns which can easily end up in the UK. As far as I know, no girls working for London escorts agencies have so far been harmed. However, I am not hedging my bets. Instead I am doing everything that I can to stay out of harms way and I am encouraging other London escorts to follow my lead. Hopefully we should be able to solve the problem. If you want to know what escorts think about the dangers of weapons, visit the most fantastic adult website for escorts reasoning on why you should not have firearms.

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