Neil was one of the nicest guys that I had ever dated at London escorts

When he asked me out on a personal date, I dropped everything and said yes. He took me for a weekend of power boat raising, and what I had not realized was that he was really good at it. We drove back to London with a nice shiny trophy in the car, and I did not regret for one moment that I had taken the day off from London escorts to spend the day with Neil. When Neil asked me to come with him to a power boat competition in the Lake District a couple of weeks later, I did not hesitate to take the day off from London escorts from


I did not exactly look like a glamour puss when I supported Neil but I wore the team cap and t-shirt. I guess you can say that I looked like the much younger girlfriend who adored her boyfriend. Neil was still coming to see me at London escorts, but I could sense that the relationship was changing. I had never fallen in love with a guy I had met at London escorts before, but I was certainly falling in love with Neil. He was not like the other men I met with at London escorts on a regular basis, and it was more like he was my boyfriend. Not only did Neil take me away for exciting weekends powerboat racing, but he is also taking my shopping and got me to try a new style. All of a sudden I was looking really glamorous and a little bit on the posh side. Neil did not want any of his friends to know that I worked for a London escorts service. Like the girl’s profiles when you visit the website of sexy females available tonight.


I could understand that and it suited my purposes as well. It gave me a chance to get to know some of the other ladies in the circuit. However, I am not sure how they saw me. Some of them looked at me a little but funny. There I was with all of my nice clothes, designer hand bags, and bling. Yes, you could say that I spend the weekend meeting every need that Neil had. One of the needs was clearly to have a sexy girlfriend. This went on for a couple of months. On my days off from London escorts, I sort of became Neil’s stand in trophy wife and Sugar Babe girlfriend.


I did not mind. It was fun, but I also realized that I was in love with Neil. As the autumn came to London. I started to see less of Neil. It was strange, and I finally called him to ask what was going on. He did not suggest we get together or anything like that. Instead he simply said that he had moved on, and could not have the same girl accompanying him for the next season of racing. That simply was not his style. Clearly he had just wanted to show me off to his friends.

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