The past

People change because of the things that happened to them in the past. It is because of the past that change her/he encounter. We cannot blame when people changes maybe she/he used so much that made him/her today. Life is so unfair with m being born poor makes me think I am cursed or just unfortunate in life, sometimes I ask myself why I am still belonging in this world if I have no purpose. I hate my life so much, every day I struggle a lot and face different problems. According to West Midland escorts of

I know I am used to it, but I cannot avoid to cry still and spent sleepless nights hurting myself or blaming God. My name is Ciara, and I live in a dumpsite of Australia, my neighbors are also poor, every day all of us has problems to face, some people here have lost hope, become addicted, smoke weeds, every day drinking alcohol, etc. By looking at them you can also feel the energy of being hopeless and no direction in life. My family raised me here for twenty-eight years of my life, my parents break up and separate ways. Our life becomes complicated when dad go away, according to mom he has mistress and he is tired of living like this. Well, when we are still complete, I believe that was still a fine life than this, we go somewhere and enjoy the little that we have.

We are six in the family and I got five siblings, and mom cannot feed us all, so I have to help her and look for work. I hate how people look at us, dirty and trash. Sometimes when my mom relatives visited us there, they just going to drag us down, saying hurtful words or belittle us. My mom cries so much, I want to defend her, but still got a little respect for old people. That day, I promise myself to go away with this life. I swear that when I got the chance to change our lives, nobody can hurt my family anymore. One time, I go to a beach to watch the sunset and someone walks towards me and give me her card, she also told me about the West London escort.

I come up to the realization that maybe this is the way I can have a good work and raised my family. So, I call her, and we go to West London, a part of West London England. I underwent many pieces of training until I become a West London escort officially. My life changes as well as I. I become more strong and brave. I realize that not all the time you need to shut your mouth and not defend your rights. I am happy about where I am now.

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