Why I Would Rather Be A Gold Digger

Many London escorts dream about leaving the London escorts agencies that they work for. Sadly, most of London escorts’ dreams do not come true. So, when I met Bill I could not believe me luck. I had not really been in love before, but the moment I met Bill, I fell in love instantly. He was one of the nicest guys that I had ever met, and not only that, he was tons of fun to spend time with. Little did I know that I would soon have my heartbroken.

It did not take us long to start seeing each other outside of London escorts. Dating in private is not the sort of thing that is encouraged at most London escorts agencies, but I knew that I had to see more of Bill. He realised that I would not leave London escorts for just anything or anybody. Perhaps that was why he was pretty quick to go down on one knee and ask me to marry him. Anyway, four months after we had met, he asked me to marry him.

My friends at London escorts thought that I left London escorts because I knew that I was onto a good thing. It was true, Bill was indeed very rich but that was not why I wanted to be with him. I was simply madly in love, the sex was incredible and I thought that we could have a good life together. That is exactly what happened, but our love story only lasted for six months. Almost on the day after we had been married for six months, Bill collapsed and died of a sudden heart attack. It was terrible and I felt dreadful.

Despite the best efforts of my friends at London escorts, I did not cope with Bill’s death very well. I really struggled and fell into a deep depression. When you work for a London escorts agency, you often put your emotions on hold. I realised I had done just that, and this is why Bill’s death was so hard to deal with at the time. After a couple of months, I knew that I did not want to go through anything like that again. My draw bridge came up and I decided that love was not for me.

Did I go back to London escorts? No, I have not gone back to London escorts, and I do not have any intention of doing so. I am not without male company. Instead of becoming romantically involved with the men in my life, I have become a bit of a golddigger. It is proably not the right thing for me, but I know that I could not cope with heartbreak like that again. I rather let a man spoil me rotten that become emotionally invested in him if you know what I mean. Terrrible thing to say, but my emotional scars are still very fresh, and I don’t think that I will ever get over Bill. He was a lovely man and I am not sure that I want to have a relationship to replace what we had.

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